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In conversation about decolonising sexual reproductive health

Season 4, Ep. 2

What shapes and enables women's rights to be fully enacted in a world where sexual reproductive health is politicised? What exactly is the reproductive justice movement? And how important is it to understand our past when it comes to making informed decisions about women's bodies?

In this episode, PhD student Annabel Sowemimo shares how she first got into sexual reproductive health, more about her day job as a Community Sexual Reproductive Health Registrar and why she founded the Reproductive Justice initiative. She also talks about a piece called, 'The secret lives of Britain’s first Black physicians', which she wrote for Wellcome Collection and about her great, great grandfather – one of the first West African graduates of medicine in the UK.

Hear Annabel explore her findings with Dr Rishitia Nandagiri, Lecturer in Global Health and Social Medicine (Bioethics & Society).

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