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How cyber operations, social media and artificial intelligence are changing warfare

Season 3, Ep. 10

In this episode Dr Tim Stevens and Dr Kenneth Payne, both based in the School of Security Studies in the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy at King's College London, explore the role of cyber operations, social media and artificial intelligence in modern warfare.

They explain how our reliance on digital systems is creating new vulnerabilities, look at the ways that social media is broadening out conflicts today and explore whether cyber operations could ever be an alternative to sending in troops on the ground.

And what about artificial intelligence or AI? what role is that already playing in modern-day warfare? Could it replace humans on the battlefield and will we have AI swarms or shoals roaming the skies or swimming through the oceans hunting down our enemies?

This is the first of two episodes on the Changing Face of War. The second, due out later this month, will look at how space is now an integral part of modern warfare and defence and whether the world is ready for the challenges involved in moving into this new frontier.

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