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Are we at a pivotal moment in the climate crisis?

Season 4, Ep. 3

This episode looks at where we are in the climate crisis, how recent events including war and economic crises have affected the priority of environmental issues and whether we still have time to make a difference.

It features two academics from the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy at King’s College London who explore whether we are at a pivotal moment in the climate crisis.

Professor Frans Berkhout, from King’s Department of Geography, outlines some of the impacts of global warming that are we already seeing, discusses whether he thinks we will be able to adapt to our new world and assesses where we are on progress against global commitments.

Dr Duraid Jalili, from King’s Defence Studies Department and Co-director of its Environmental Security Research group, highlights ways in which environmental issues have already affected the geopolitical, economic and social order of our world, looks at how the war in Ukraine has affected public focus on climate change and discusses whether we are at a critical moment in public and political understanding of the need to take action.

They also share their thoughts for the future, including how hopeful they feel about our ability to take the steps needed to address climate change, and what we can all do to play our part.

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