World's Greatest Con

Cons don't fool us because we're stupid, they fool us because we're human. This might be the World's Greatest Con.

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  • 1. 0101: How To Fool Hitler

    0101: How To Fool Hitler - The Allies have an audacious plan to win WW2. Drop a body with misinformation to hoax Hitler into believing they'll attack the wrong place. The only problem? They have to approve it first. Support the show directly by buying actual spy gear at
  • 2. 0102: When Is The Perfect Story Too Perfect?

    0102: When is the perfect story too perfect? - The Twenty Committee have the go ahead to fool Hitler with the most audacious Trojan Horse in history. Can they help themselves from over writing it into a bad soap opera? "Still Alive" piano cover played by Claire Waluch. Find her at Readyclaireone on YouTube. Video game checkpoint theme is "Cascade" by Kubbi.
  • 3. 0103: In The Flesh

    0103: In The Flesh - The Twenty Committee wrote a story that could fool Hitler. Now they just need to make it real. Brian explores the disgusting gulf between the fantasy of a fake solider and the reality of a discarded corpse.
  • 4. 0104: The Moment Of Surrender

    0104: The Moment Of Surrender - Every con has a moment of surrender, when you've done all the work and now the mark needs to fool themselves. Our heroes haves surrendered, will Hitler do his part and fall for the what is quite possibly the world's greatest con?
  • 5. 0105: Operation Mincemeat Questions

    0105: Operation Mincemeat Questions - Brian answers questions about the debut season of World's Greatest Con.
  • 1. 0201: Twenty One and the 1950s Quiz Show Scandals

    A producer decides to juice his quiz show by feeding answers to contestants. The attention makes them rich and famous but the revelation of the scheme extracts a terrible societal cost from everyone who took the bargain. "...Baby One More Time" Piano Cover: Björn Gottschall Ad Free Episodes: Support The Show: