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What does Giorgia Meloni’s triumph mean for Italy?

Giorgia Meloni’s post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party claimed victory in the Italian election on Sunday 25 September. Meloni is now on the verge of becoming the country’s first female prime minister.


Emily Tamkin in Washington DC is joined by Jeremy Cliffe and Ido Vock in Berlin to discuss what Meloni can be expected to usher in for Italy and for Europe more broadly. They also talk about the blurred line between the centre right and the far right, and Meloni’s plans to redesign the constitution in favour of a more presidential system.


Next, the team turns to Ukraine, where Vladimir Putin’s four illegal referendums aimed at annexing occupied regions of the country have been passed. They discuss what happens next, as well as whether Russia sabotaged its own Nord Stream pipelines.

In You Ask Us, a listener asks whether Jair Bolsonaro will concede in Brazil’s presidential election next month.

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Tanke schön: a breakthrough for Ukraine

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