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How China targets Uyghurs around the world

Thus far, international concern for the Chinese Uyghur ethnic minority has been focused on their persecution within China itself. But the reach of the Chinese government's campaign against them extends to countries around the world.

Katie Stallard is joined by Bradley Jardine, a research director at the Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs and a global fellow at the Wilson Center’s Kissinger Institute on China and the US. 

They discuss his new publication, Great Wall of Steel: China’s Global Campaign to Suppress the Uyghurs, which documents China’s pursuit and harassment of Uyghurs in at least 44 countries.

Katie and Jardine cover the global scale of China's campaign, as well as the complex toolkit used to target, harass, detain and extradite individuals, which includes the exploitation of the global policing organisation, Interpol. They also suggest actions that Western governments should be taking in response.

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