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  • 4. Sexuality

    Sex and religion, uncomfortable bedfellows or close companions? Different religions seem to find it hard to agree. For most world religions, it is possible to find contained within each a whole spectrum of conflicting beliefs about sex and desire; from ardent rejections of queer sexuality, to whole-hearted embraces of the LGBTQ+ love. With all this disagreement and tension, we might ultimately be left wondering, what’s faith got to do with our sex lives and romantic connections? In this episode Holly Morse talks to three incredible people from different faiths about the major challenges but also the powerful joys of LGBTQ+ experiences of faith and religion. 1’45 Revd Sarah Hildreth-Osborn - Rector of St Grwst Church 14’50 Ibtisam Ahmed - Head of Policy and Research at the LGBT Foundation29.30 Benji Park - Fashion Blogger

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  • 3. Free Will

    In today’s modern, globalised world, our fast-paced lives can often feel overwhelmed by choice. But are we ever truly free to shape our own future? Do we all have the same liberty to determine the direction of our lives? Or are our decisions already always shaped for us, by our biological make-up, or our psychological states, or even by a divine plan? In this podcast Dr Holly Morse speaks to three amazing people from different faiths about their extraordinary lives, and the ways the events and experiences they have been through have shaped the how they understand free will.2’45 Pastor Mick - founder of Church on the Street15’54 Rehena Harilall - Buddhist activist and psychologist.30’17 Rabba Dr Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz - Orthodox RabbiContent warning: The following podcast contains themes of suicide and drug use. If you are negatively impacted by the content and would like support, please contact one of the following support services: For University of Manchester students Student Support | Taking care of your wellbeing | Support Services | The University of Manchester. If you, or someone you know is in a crisis please read Urgent Mental Health Support. External support services How to find local mental health services - NHS (
  • 2. Artificial Intelligence

    For many of us our daily lives are shaped by our interactions with technology, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep – and perhaps even while we sleep! From playing our favourite songs, or asking about the weather, to navigating our way around towns, cities or the countryside, if we’re stuck for an answer many of us rely on Artifical Intelligence (AI) assistants like Siri or Alexa to help us out. But are our lives now becoming so controlled by technology that it is beginning to change our understanding of humanity? In this episode, Holly Morse chats to people who live and work in the world of AI and what this means for their understanding of religion in a range of different faith traditions.2’45 Tim Foley - Writer of Electric Rosary and regular contributor to Dr Who audio drama.11’53 Thomas Arnold - Research Associate in the Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory, at Tufts University.21’10 Lior Cole - Designer of Robo Rabbi, Cornell University Student and Fashion Model.28’24 Yaqub Chaudhary - Research Fellow in AI, Philosophy and Theology at Cambridge Muslim College in Cambridge.
  • 1. Environment

    In recent decades we have witnessed a host of natural disasters around the world of almost biblical proportion. As scientists warn of the increasing dangers of climate change, how can we humans understand our role in causing but also combating environmental disaster? In this episode Dr Holly Morse talks to four young people from different religions about the ways in which they look to their faiths to answer this question and many more about the environment and the future of the planet.2’40 Holly Peterson - Christian Climate Action5’55 Katja Behrendt - XR Buddhists13’28 Amandeep Kaur Mann - Eco Sikh UK19’40 Sanjay Gohil - Bhaktivedanta Manor