The Digital Workplace Podcast


Mark van Rijmenam - The organization of tomorrow

Ep. 137

Is your organization ready for tomorrow? Or are you still trying to make it fit into yesterday? How AI has already transformed our workplaces.

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  • 222. Sheela Subramanian - How the future works

    The future of work is on your doorstep. Accepting it brings all sorts of changes, but they lead to a better world of work.
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    Ali Greene is the co-author of Remote Works and has been a remote manager since 2014. She and Neil talk about 5 things that even the experts don't fully agree on.
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    Knowledge management has changed as the workplace has gone digital, and it's become even more important
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    We've been taught that more collaboration is always better. But that's making digital work very noisy. Should we have a different goal?
  • 218. Phil Simon - This is what life after email looks like

    Email dominated digital collaboration for two decades. What will work look like after email isn't the king?
  • 217. Chinedu Eleanya - Can you plan serendipity? Can you afford not to?

    Serendipity happens automatically in an office, but not in a digital workplace. What can leaders do to create the conditions for serendipity to occur?
  • 216. Mary Beth Oakes - The future of office furniture is more interesting than you think

    The office isn't dead by a long shot. It may have fainted, but it has a chance for a great rebirth.
  • 215. Luke Thomas - Building a new home for digital work

    Digital work is great, but it doesn't have a centering home like the office. Luke Thomas tells us how Friday looks at the core objects of work and supports digital teams.
  • 214. Lara Hogan - A new kind of manager for the digital age

    Lara Hogan is training managers for a new age. Old expectations and mindsets for managers in the office won't work anymore, and managers need new skill sets to support the humans around them.