cover art for Special Episode! Thriving from home plus festive gifts for your colleagues...

Working From Home with Stylist

Special Episode! Thriving from home plus festive gifts for your colleagues...

In this one off special, hosts Lisa Smosarski and Alix Walker revisit working from home during the pandemic and the changes we are making to our working world.

They are joined by Elizabeth Uviebinené, podcaster and author of Slay in Your Lane and Loud Black Girls, and Fiona Thomas, author of Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss, to discover their expert tips on how to thrive whilst working from home.

Alix and Lisa also shine a spotlight on Stylist’s new mental health initiative, Work It Out,discover the ultimate work-from-anywhere kit and the editor of Stylist Loves, Gemma Crisp, brings some festive inspiration and her best shopping buys for your colleagues this Christmas.

Lisa Smosarski - @lisasmosarski (Twitter and Instagram)

Alix Walker - @alixkwalker1 (Instagram) @alixwalker1 (twitter)

Elizabeth Uviebinené - Slay In Your Lane


Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible


Loud Black Girls


Loud Black Girls: 20 Black Women Writers Ask: What’s Next?


Twitter - @lizuvie

Instagram - @ElizabethUviebinene

Pre-order her new book The Reset: Ideas To Change How We Work And Liveé&s=books&sr=1-2

Fiona Thomas - Depression In a Digital Age


Out of Office: How to ditch the 9-5, be your own boss and become self-employed with a freelance business: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss


Twitter - @fionalikes

Instagram - @fionalikestoblog

Home Office Kit -

Stylist’s Work It Out Initiative -

Mind -

NHS mental health support -

Christmas Gifts For Colleagues

Stylist Loves -

For your boss

Gail's Bake At Home cinnamon bun kits, £16 for nine -

For your work wife

Pair of initial letter earrings from Florence London via The Drop by Stylist

8mm in gold or silver, £28 -

4mm in gold, silver and rose gold, £23 -

For your under £15 Secret Santa

The Good Patch, £12 for four, John Lewis -

For your team

10-20cm Mini Swiss Cheese plant, including a pot - from £7, Patch Plants -

For your...

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    This week in Working From Home with Stylist, career expert and co-author of Squiggly Careers, Sarah Ellis, shares her advice on taking control of your career during a pandemic; Entertainment Director Helen Bownass shares her love-themed TV series for anyone with a Normal People shaped whole in their lives; Stylist’s columnist Billie Bhatia shares her post lockdown fears and TV presenter Stacey Dooley talks about her lockdown work/life.Links within this episode:Sarah EllisThe Squiggly Career book - Careers podcast - Themed TV ShowsLove - Love | Netflix Official SiteThe L Word – original series - L Word – new series - End of the F***ing World - Have I Ever -’s Creek - Lockdown AnxietyTo read Billie’s column download the new issue of Stylist using the new Stylist app, available in all App stores,, DooleyLockdown Heroes - Britain’s Next Make-Up Stars - LovesOne-pot tandoori chickpeas - - Seafood restaurant (only available in north London) - https://lyons-restaurant.comFraud Shake - for Women Virtual Car Boot Sale -
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  • 4. Ep 4. Emily Atack on isolating alone, how to fix your working from home aches and pains, plus the podcasts you shouldn't miss

    In episode 4, hosts Lisa Smosarski and Alix Walker talk to actress Emily Atack to find out how she feels isolating alone, rank kitchen disco songs with presenter Vick Hope, get some much-needed advice from chiropractor Matt Rabin on how to treat the new aches and pains we all feel working from home and recommend the best podcasts to listen to in isolation...How to find what we recommend this issue:Chiropractor Matt Rabin – https://www.mattrabin.comBack exercises for working from home – Earworm on - Things That Made The Modern Economy - Appetit Foodcast - - https://dissectpodcast.comHome Cooking - https://homecooking.showSlay in Your Lane: The Podcast - For Sex - Together - The Woman - Atack on Instagram – on loneliness - to Feel Less Isolated, Make Connections and Live a Life You LoveClaire Chamberlain, £8.99, SummersdaleTop 10:Vick Hope - and wasabi mash - Slater’s Halloumi -
  • 3. Ep 3. Finding purpose in lockdown and our new-found obsession with snacking

    Snacking in lockdown has become more than an occasional habit, so in Episode 3, Lisa and Alix delve into the real motives behind our trips to the fridge. Plus, psychiatrist Lopa Winters shares her advice on finding your values and purpose in lockdown, Stylist's beauty director Shannon Peter offers some helpful advice to anyone thinking of dyeing their hair at home and food author Laura Jackson shares her must-eat foods right now...