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Sharon Woodcock from Word Bohemia, writer and entrepreneur, chats about growing a business and the art of sharing your message and stories to create a positive impact on the world. She talks with free-spirited entreprene
Latest Episode10/5/2019

Ep 3: Celia Gaze

Season 1, Ep. 3
This week's guest is Celia Gaze, Managing Director and Founder of the multi award-winning wedding venue, The Wellbeing Farm.Word Bohemia talks with Celia Gaze about her mission to grow her business into one of the Top 10 wedding venues in the UK.Celia Gaze started life as a stressed-out NHS Director who, after being pushed to the limit, resigned from her role in the NHS and started transforming a neglected farm in Bolton, Lancashire into a multi award-winning wedding venue called The Wellbeing Farm. She has experienced every conceivable business challenge which has led her to love failure, survive tribunals, court hearings, staff issues and numerous system problems. When Celia was facing near bankruptcy, she had to do something to transform her business. That transformation came when she had a crazy idea of putting a bow tie on a llama, she found her purpose – a way of making her wedding venue stand out from the competition and she created a brand that had personality.Her book ‘Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama?’ will be available for pre-orders from November 2019 too!You canout more about Celia by visiting her websites: media: and edited by Sharon Woodcock for Word Bohemia.To find out more about Sharon:Check out herwebsiteJoin the FREE private Facebook group >>Word Bohemia with SharonSign up to the academy >>Brand Storytelling AlchemyLet's get social on myInstagramandFacebookpagesFeel intrigued about working with me, book aDiscovery Call