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Women's Fund for Scotland Podcast

Amma Birth Companions

Season 1, Ep. 13

We meet Maree who tells us about Amma and the volunteers who make sure that some women don't give birth alone.

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  • 17. User and Carer Involvement

    This episode we speak to Kalpana from User and Carer Involvement. They make sure that people who have learning disabilities have a representative voice and see positive changes in their lives.
  • 16. Retweed

    In this episode we are heading to Eyemouth to speak to Haze and Maggie from Retweed. Upcycling, recycling and up-skilling - making women's lives better, one stitch at a time.
  • 15. HSTAR Scotland

    This episode we meet Ewelina from HSTAR Scotland who are a dedicated charity offering trauma-sensitive, culturally inclusive support for female survivors of trauma and abuse across Scotland.
  • 14. SHE Scotland

    In this episode we speak to Karen from SHE Scotland. The modern world can be a frightening place for young women and girls with all the pressure to look a certain way and social media influences and that is where SHE Scotland comes in.Sadly since the podcast was recorded SHE Scotland have had to cease operations. This was a very difficult decision for all involved and was due to the extremely challenging funding environment affecting finances and trading. It is incredibly sad that young women and girls across Edinburgh and beyond will be left without this important and vital service
  • 13. Glendale Women's Cafe

    In this episode we speak to Godsal from Glendale Women's Cafe. They have created a cohesive neighbourhood in Pollokshields by empowering local women. They offer a safe and welcoming space in which women can come together to learn, create, enjoy and support each other.
  • 12. Grace Chocolates

    In this episode we meet Joyce from Grace Chocolates. Their chocolates are handmade by women who have touched the criminal justice system and are choosing to make positive changes in their lives.
  • 11. Sikh Sanjog

    In this episode we go to Sikh Sanjog to speak to Trishna, a bereaved mother who used her grief to change a little bit of the world.
  • 10. Firsthand Lothian

    In this episode we speak to Jan from Firsthand Lothian and she is helping to make time for Mum.
  • 9. Girl's Rock School Edinburgh

    Today we are dropping in on Girl's Rock School Edinburgh with Fiona Watt. They run free music workshops for women and girls.