Diamonds or Sand? The Value of Women’s Time with Eve Rodsky

Author and game changer Eve Rodsky brings her sharp insight and refreshingly frank humor to bare on the absurd inequity in the domestic load still carried by women compared to their male partners. Building on the fundamental problem of how differently men’s and women’s time is valued by society (women’s time is like sand, men’s like diamonds), Eve shows us how her brilliant and easy to implement “Fair Play” system isn’t just about saving domestic partnerships and our own sense of personal worth—it’s a mechanism to teach the men who shape corporate culture what an equitable operating system looks like, and why it matters. Check out everodsky.com and fairplaylife.com for more on Eve, and to join her efforts to change the system to serve us all. Originally aired with Host Laura Zarrow on February 25, 2021 on SiriusXM's Business Radio, Channel 132.




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