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  • Author Megan Kate Nelson - Saving Yellowstone

    In celebraton of National Park Week, this Big Blend Radio "From the Vault" episode features acclaimed author and historian Dr. Megan Kate Nelson, who discusses her book, "SAVING YELLOWSTONE: Exploration and Preservation in Reconstruction America."Each year, nearly four million people visit Yellowstone National Park—one of the most popular of all national parks—but few know the fascinating and complex historical context in which it was established. SAVING YELLOWSTONE shines a light on the creation of our first national park and the tensions of the era that lead to a weaken of the Native population. More: Kate Nelson is a writer and historian living in Lincoln, Massachusetts. She has written about the Civil War, US western history, and American culture for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Smithsonian Magazine, Preservation Magazine, and Civil War Monitor. Nelson earned her BA in history and literature from Harvard University and her PhD in American studies from the University of Iowa, and she has taught at Texas Tech University, Cal State Fullerton, Harvard, and Brown. Nelson is the author of Saving Yellowstone, The Three-Cornered War, Ruin Nation, and Trembling Earth

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  • Losing Myself and Finding My Way in America’s National Parks

    If you’ve ever thought of just leaving your current life behind and spending a year accomplishing something you’ve always yearned to do, you need to read “FERAL: Losing Myself and Finding My Way in America’s National Parks” by Emily Pennington. In celebration of National Park Week (April 20-28, 2024), this "From the Vault" episode of Big Blend Radio features travel writer and outdoor adventurer Debbie Stone who discusses the memoir FERAL. Read her review here:
  • Author Nancy McCabe - Vaulting Through Time

    This Big Blned Radio "From the Vault" episode celebrates Teen Literature Day with Pushcart winning author Nancy McCabe who discusses her writing, time travel, and young adult novel, "Vaulting Through Time."WATCH THIS PODCAST ON YOUTUBE: THROUGH TIME: When sixteen-year-old gymnast Elizabeth Arlington and her ex-best-friend Zach find a time machine in an abandoned house, Elizabeth sets out to find answers to the questions nagging at her. As Elizabeth catapults through time, she encounters a mysterious abandoned child, an elite gymnast preparing for Olympic Trials, and an enigmatic woman who seems to know more than she’s revealing. Then when a thief makes off with an identical time machine, Elizabeth finds herself in a race to stop the thief before the world as she knows it—and her own future—are destroyed. NANCY MCCABE: An adoptive parent and former longtime gymnastics mom, Nancy McCabe is the author of six books for adults and has published articles in Newsweek, Salon, Writer’s Digest, The Brevity Blog, and the Los Angeles Review of Books, among many others. She’s a Pushcart winner and her work has been recognized nine times on Best American Notable Lists. She directs the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and teaches in the graduate program at the Naslund-Mann School of Writing at Spalding University. Website:
  • Soul Journey Doula - Earth-Friendly Memorials and Burials

    This episode of Big Blend Radio's SOUL JOURNEY DOULA podcast with death doula Lea Brovedani focuses on earth-friendly memorials and burials. Featured guest is Alethea Valley, General Manager of the Point Arena Forest for Better Place Forests. Better Place Forests offers a sustainable memorial within a protected place in the forest for ashes of a loved one to be returned to the earth. Each tree can accommodate more than one loved one and also beloved pets (which is not allowed in traditional settings). The beautiful, peaceful setting is sustainable and safe for trees and the wider forest ecosystem. More: Sustainable Memorials Aligns with Lea's 5 Pillars of Support as a Death Doula:* Spirit - Uphold beliefs and practices* Emotion - Honor feelings* Mind - Life review and gleaning meaning* Body - Increase comfort, health and safety* Practical - Create completionsLearn more about Lea's work at Follow the podcast here: 
  • Adrianne Hillman - Helping People Who Are Homeless -

    With today being International Youth Homelessness Matters Day, which is observed on the third Wednesday in April, we are featuring a Big Blend Radio "From the Vault" quality of life conversation with Adrianne Hillman, founder of Salt + Light Works, a 501(c)3 designated charitable organization located in Tulare County, California. The mission of Salt + Light is to cultivate community through dignified homes, jobs and healing for neighbors experiencing homelessness in Tulare County.They are working to develop and build California’s first ever master-planned community that will provide dignified homes, jobs, services, and community for those experiencing chronic homelessness in Tulare County. Learn more:
  • Filmmaker Louise Hogarth - Elephant Refugees

    With today being Save the Elephant Day (April 16, 2024), we are refeaturing our Big Blend Radio Nature Connection podcast conversation with award-winning filmmaker Louise Hogarth who talks about her latest documentary film ‘ELEPHANT REFUGEES: A Fight To Survive When Waters Run Dry.” The film is now out worldwide on digital platforms. Louise Hogarth is an Academy Award-winning Director, Producer, Writer, and Founder and President of Dream Out Loud Productions, a US based non-profit, independent television and film production company. Her work brings to light true stories about people and events with the intention of inspiring a call to action and accelerating social change. Her documentaries provide a platform for very difficult subjects and have dealt with such issues as HIV/AIDS, poverty and LGBT rights. And now, her film "Elephant Refugees" adds animal rights and welfare to this list. More:
  • Deb Brandon - Threads Around the World

    This Big Blend Radio "From the Vault" interview celebrates World Art Day (April 15, 2024) with textile artist, writer, academic, and brain injury survivor Deb Brandon. Hear about her beautiful book, “Threads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe,” that weaves together the stories of 25 diverse world cultures by showcasing their unique take on textile art. Her enthusiasm for the craft and its community brings an open-eyed understanding of textile arts, appealing not only to textile devotees but also to those interested in understanding diverse cultures through heritage crafts. More at