Woman Up


Woman Up! S1 Ep 7 - Dr Suzanne Belton

Season 1, Ep. 7

In this week's episode, my guest - Dr Suzanne Belton - and I don't fanny about when it comes to talking about clitorises.

Suzanne is a Professor of Public Health & Anthropology, and she teaches doctors, nurses, and midwives. Her area of research is sexual and reproductive health and she is also a midwife with clinical experience in community health, women’s health, family planning, refugee health, and alternative birth systems. She also researches the sociology and anthropology of health, the social and cultural context of sexual and reproductive health, gender and violence against women.

She laments the fact that the clitoris is not well researched or celebrated. Suzanne finds it alarming that the representation of the clitoris in medical texts is not detailed, and often factually incorrect. Suzanne's a solution-focused powerhouse, so she founded Anatomical Education. Through this company, she works with medical scientists to produce models aimed at increasing sexual health literacy. Anatomical Education produces educational materials complementing the models that can be used by health and wellbeing professionals, as well as members of the public. You can find out more, and buy your own clitoris here: https://anatomicaleducation.org/

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