Woman Up


Woman Up! S1 Ep 14 - Bridget Supple

Season 1, Ep. 14

This week, I'm joined by Bridget Supple, who is a National Childbirth Trust educator, doula, and author.

Her book 'The Birthkeeper of Bethlehem' concerns itself with Bridget's imagining of Jesus's midwife. As Bridget tells it, she was out walking her dogs one day when the character of a woman came - fully-formed - into her mind, and introduced herself as 'Salomé - Jesus's midwife'.

Imagine Bridget's surprise when, months after she'd published her book, an excavation that took place just west of Jerusalem discovered the tomb of the woman who is thought to have assisted at the birth of Jesus Christ. Her name? Salomé. You can read more here.


'The Birthkeeper of Bethlehem' also contains the most sensitive (and sensible) lay-person's explanation of Dementia I have ever come across.

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