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Miranda Bennett – Giving Worth to Women Through Sustainability, Community Building and Allyship

Miranda Bennett is a pioneer of ethical manufacturing, local and transparent production models and sustainability through design and materials. A graduate of Parsons’s School of Design and Eugene Lang College, Bennett’s thesis and senior collection were rooted in local, maker economies that eschew mass production and the exploitation of workers. Bennett began her career in Fashion in 2006 with her first eponymous collection, designed, cut and ethically sewn by woman owned production facilities in New York City. Her current brand, Miranda Bennett Studio, highlights plant dyed, zero waste women's apparel, made under one roof in Austin, Texas. A pilgrim of myth, Bennett is often captured by the invisible, underlying thread that connects us all. An awareness of this connection, and that no actions exist in a vacuum, is the foundation of her approach to fashion and environmental stewardship.

Her recommended book: After the Rain by Alex Elle

Her morning routine: supplements, strong black tea and social media engagement

Her lesson to her younger self: Value yourself more.

A favorite quote: "I think at the core of all of my decision making and the intention behind all of it is how do I create environments, products, situations where women feel of value? That is always what I go back to. I consider the Earth to be one of those women."

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