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A Quick Story About Why I Avoid AB InBev

Ep. 47

No Guests!

A dreaded Just-Me episode. I had some housecleaning things to talk about and didn't want to stack the front part of the next episode with them. Since I had some extra time I decided to get into a story that illustrates my current political feelings regarding independent breweries. I may delve into this deeper if I can ever find a mutual moment with the planned guest.

The @BuffaloEats Buffalo Brewery Bracket Contest

About a month back I ran a contest to coincide with @BuffaloEats Buffalo Brewery Battle on Twitter. After all was said and done, Big Ditch came out victorious, but what I asked for were predictions.

I received a handful of filled-in brackets and scored them using a 1-2-3-4 system (4 points for predicting the final, 3 for the final two, 2 for the final four, and 1 for the elite eight).

We had two winners tie with 17 points so each will be receiving a consumers gift card so I may "buy them a growler fill".


I started a Patreon page a while back. Patreon is a way for listeners to pledge money for content in a style similar to NPR. It's a monthly pledge and this month, we got our first Patron in Andy Dvornski of The Clean Beer Initiative. Look for en episode with him soon.

My Trip to Europe and Why InBev Ruins Everything.

I generally don't like to get political, but take a listen. InBev sucks and I lay out a rant about why.