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Episode 16: AWOG and Becoming a BJCP Judge with Alex Placito

Do you want to become a certified BJCP judge? What about a steward? Do you want to enter a beer into one of the nations largest regional homebrew competitions? Well we have Alex Placito of The Niagara Association of Homebrewers on to talk about the Amber Waves of Grain competition in April. 

It's about time to get your entries in, and I wanted to get the full breakdown of becoming a judge (btw, there's a lot of free homebrew in it if you do).

Alex takes us through the judging process, the AWOG particulars, the stewarding process, and the step by step to becoming a judge.

If you want in with the BJCP, check them out at BJCP.org

for info on Amber Waves of Grain, check out AWOG.niagarabrewers.org

As always, go to WNYBrews.com/episode16 for more information.

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