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Episode 22: John Palmer and Buffalo Water


What kind of beer should we be making base on our local water chemistry? Do we have similarities with waters from Burton on Trent? Pilsen? Dublin?

John Palmer, the author of some of brewing's most revered books, joins us to talk about the water we have here in Buffalo. We break down the numbers and discuss why they're important. We discuss why certain beers made with our water end up beautiful and complex and others seem one-dimensional. 

Clay and Scott talk to John via Skype while on location at 42 North Brewing in East Aurora with our water reports on hand. 

John explains why we should care about water, how to test it, how we should interpret it, and what we can do to make our beers better.

Check out John Palmer's website HowToBrew.com

and his podcast on the Brewing Network: Brew Strong with John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff

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