Wittenberg to Westphalia

  • 92. This is Episode 92: Ottonian Interference

    It begins. In this episode we talk about the popes that ruled during the time period of the Ottos. In so doing we take a closer look at the pornocracy of the papacy and learn why it actually was all a big misunderstanding.
  • 91. Episode 91: A Chat with Marco

    Marco Capelli stops by to discuss all things early medieval Italian. Yard sales, silly wars, and what the heck ever happened top the senate anyway? Marco Capelli is the brilliant host of Storia d'Italia - a podcast telling the story of the History of Italy - in Italian. This interview is in English. Please do tell any Italian speakers you know about Storia d'Italia (italiastoria.com).Be sure to check out Intelligent Speech's new website! And buy tickets. Code W2W.https://intelligentspeechonline.com/
  • 90. Episode 90: Making a Papal States

    In this episode we learn why having rules governing elections is good, by looking at a series of elections without them. Check out Gregg's podcast: https://www.popeularhistory.com/My website: https://wittenbergtowestphaliapodcast.weebly.com/
  • 89. Episode 89: The Secularish Government of Rome

    In this episode we examine the secular institutions of the Roman government and discuss how they helped the popes run the city. Please donate to my Go Fund Mehttps://gofund.me/59fe7277
  • 88. Episode 88: The Popes Lived in a Society, Man

    Today we learn the important lesson that cohost Duncan has never been fed in his entire life. Also, we learn about the geography, economy, and civil administration of Rome in the middle ages. Andrew learns about the importance of friendship.Grand Dukes of the West: https://granddukesofthewest.com/History of Alexander: ​https://hellenisticagepodcast.wordpress.com/
  • 87. Episode 87: Popes and Rome

    You all rule, thanks so much for your patience and support. In todays episode we look at the rise of the papacy in the early middle ages and the importance of the city of Rome in that rise.
  • Minisode January 4 2023

    light at the end of the tunnel
  • 86. Episode 86: Munitions Disasters of New Jersey

    To tide everyone over and to observe the podiversiary, here is the audio of my presentation at Intelligent Speech from June. It is about explosions!
  • Hard Times Minisode

    An update on what is happening and why, in semi real time.