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Special Educational Needs

Navigating Neurodiversity, Identity & LGBTQ+

We’re thrilled to welcome Tony Lloyd, CEO of The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, to our podcast. In this episode, we discuss the role parents and carers play in supporting young people as they explore their sexuality and identity, plus ideas and tips on creating a safe, inclusive space where they can thrive.

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  • The Impact of ADHD & Autism on Family Dynamics

    On our latest episode of SENsational, we welcome Lisa Rudge, Director of Parent Services from The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity & Heather Morley, ADHD Advanced Practitioner Project Manager from our Group, exploring the unique challenges and strengths of a neurodiverse household. We discuss real stories, insights and practical tips to navigate and thrive together as a family.You can now watch our podcast episodes on YouTube: up to date with our latest podcasts, webinars and events by signing up to our mailing list:
  • Nurturing Neurodivergent Children To Succeed

    On this episode of SENsational, we're delighted to be joined by our new podcast host, Laura Oliver, Senior Occupational Therapist from our Group, plus our guest Lorraine Titchener, Head Teacher at Lavender Lodge, for a discussion exploring strategies to support neurodivergent children and young people in school. We discuss common misconceptions about neurodiversity in education, the role that teachers and staff play in supporting neurodivergent pupils, plus top tips and strategies that can be implemented in the classroom.
  • Strategies To Support Your Child's Sleep

    We're joined by Helen Rutherford, a specialist sleep practitioner from The Sleep Charity, who has several years of experience supporting neurodiverse children and young people with sleep.In this episode, she discusses the common sleep challenges experienced by children with special educational needs, expert tips and strategies for supporting your child’s sleep through this seasonal shift and beyond and sensory issues and regulations to improve sleep quality, from winding down rituals to creating a tailored sleep environment for your child’s needWe hope you enjoy listening.
  • How To Build A Future Of Success: Inspirational Advice

    We're joined by Kirsty Doyle, Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer, discussing how she works with young people to build aspiration as they enter the world of work.On this episode of SENsational, Kirsty shares her experience of her entrepreneurial journey, talking about her set-backs and challenges, and how she has worked with children and young people across the UK, offering inspiring sessions and visits to her very own studio, to help young people think about their future endeavours. Kirsty works with us as part of our Futures programme, a programme designed to deliver unlimited aspiration and endless opportunities for every child and young person, through Futures ambassador sessions, work experience opportunities apprenticeships, mentoring and more. Find out more about the Futures programme here:
  • Sensory Support For Primary School Pupils

    On this SENsational episode, we are joined by Maggie Morton and Laura Oliver, Occupational Therapists for Witherslack Group as they discuss children's most common sensory-seeking behaviours and the best ways to support them. They also explore sensory regulation, sensory overload and the best strategies and activities that can be integrated into the daily lives of our children to help them build essential life skills.We hope you enjoyed this episode of SENsational.
  • What Is An EHCP?

    Ever wondered if your young person might need an EHCP? Simone Mattinson, Partnerships Manager for our Group, shares her first-hand experience from a parent and professional perspective. From exploring how to navigate the EHCP process to details of a draft EHCP, plus many more interesting insights worth knowing. For more details on the EHCP process, download our free 'A Guide To The Education, Health and Care Plan' Support Pack:
  • Helping Your Child Settle Into A New School

    Join us for a discussion with Wendy Yeo, Head Teacher of our Castlefell School, and Arron Hutchinson, Education Training Director of The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, exploring ways to support your child settle into a new school. Whether it is the jump from primary to secondary or transitioning to a SEN provision, they have top tips and strategies to support your child along the way.We hope you enjoyed this episode of SENsational.Join us for a free live webinar, by visiting:
  • What Is An SEN School?

    We believe that every child or young person deserves access to inspirational education, regardless of their unique learning requirements or needs. Susan Gill, Head Teacher from our Bridgeway School, talks us through the unique benefits of Special Educational Needs schools and some of the amazing outcomes of pupils who have flourished the support they need.We hope you enjoyed this episode of SENsational.Join us for a free live webinar, by visiting: