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A series of virtual conversations designed to help us reflect and respond, hosted by Derek Handley. Supported by Fife Foundation.

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  • 19. Reflecting on 2020: Ilia Delio

    A major schism is likely for the church unless structural issues such as imperial politics, ancient metaphysical and philosophical principles are addressed. The church needs to make a radical decision "towards a new ecclesial structure" our guest Ilia Delio, PhD argues. Sister Delio is an acclaimed theologian and ground-breaking author of twenty books in the area of science and religion, exploring themes of evolution, physics and neuroscience.

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  • 18. Reflecting on 2020: Michael Ventura

    Understanding what is really going on, both in ourselves and in others, is key to finding valuable perspectives that can be practically applied to solve problems, in work and life. Michael Ventura is an accomplished entrepreneur, practitioner, and author, who recognised a disconnect between business and well-being. His book, Applied Empathy explores the intersectionality of these two worlds through the practice of empathy for the self, and for others.
  • 17. Reflecting on 2020: Mandeep Rai

    Mandeep Rai is an established journalist, having reported for the BBC World Service, Reuters and others. She has also travelled to more than 150 countries and holds a PhD in global values.For her acclaimed book, Rai chose to tell the stories of 101 countries, each which has a single, unique value that has defined the nation's history, culture, and global influence.She found that by reflecting on the definable values held in certain places, we have a compass for better understanding of our own core values, how they are shaped, and why they can help guide us.
  • 16. Reflecting on 2020: Adam Robinson

    It's hard not to learn something from Robinson, in his writing and interviews he spouts wise, inspiring and life-enriching messages on a range of topics. One of his most important lessons to encourage is ways to have a great time, learning from his hero and penpal Warren Buffett who he realised always mentioned the word fun in interviews.
  • 15. Reflecting on 2020: Eugenia Kuyda

    Feel like you spend too much time on a screen? Perhaps reconnecting with humans can be learnt by chatting to an AI. Eugenia Kuyda created Replika as a personal AI after her best friend died. She tried to recreate him, and it helped her get to know herself better... She has said "Replika is a place where you're exploring your personality and creating a digital footprint of it."
  • 14. Reflecting on 2020: Boyd Varty

    Ever felt like you've lost track? Drawing on the ancient wisdom and art of animal tracking, Boyd Varty reveals how to find the inner light that will guide you to finding your meaningful life. Boyd Varty grew up on the Londolozi nature reserve in the South African wilderness, and he learnt tracking strategies such as "don’t worry about the destination" contribute to both successful lion tracking and a life of fulfillment.
  • 13. Reflecting on 2020: Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Do you meditate?Francis Valentine joins Derek Handley in conversation with the esteemed spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to discuss how meditation is a solution or a response to almost everything. Learn more about the greatest benefits of meditation apart from bringing people to the present.