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How to Succeed Using Empathy: Maria Ross

Ep. 129

When Maria Ross was trying to teach her son that empathy was a way to success, the world around them seemed to be sending the exact opposite message. So Ross took her years of experience as a management and brand consultant to make the case for empathy not as a moral imperative, but as a business strategy. It's an equation worth studying. Here, in her 2021 conversation with Guy Raz, she describes the way she turned her research into a book called The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success.

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  • 140. Why to Put a Chink in Your Own Armor: Brad Smith (Intuit)

    Brad Smith, the former CEO and now Chairman of the Board at Intuit, knows first hand why vulnerability and failure are intrinsic to good leadership. At one point in his career he lost $40 million for a company and promoted. Smith, heavily influenced by his father's wisdom (i.e. "put a chink in your own armor") leaned into the power of authenticity, humility, and vulnerability to inspire others. At Intuit, Smith led the company through one of its most significant transformations, reinventing it into a high-powered cloud-based platform and reigniting a startup culture within a decades-old software firm. In this 2019 conversation, leadership principles meet real-world application. The watchwords? Authenticity and vision.
  • 139. The Importance of a Near Miss: Sarah Lewis (Harvard)

    In this episode, Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Lewis, a Harvard professor of History of Art and Architecture and African and African American Studies, joins Guy to discuss the role of failure in achieving mastery. Dr. Lewis, author of "The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery," delves into the concept of the “ever onward almost” in art, athletics, and business leadership. Learn more from this 2022 conversation about how failure can be a powerful catalyst for success. More about Dr. Lewis: She served on President Obama's Arts Policy Committee, and is the creator of the Vision and Justice project, which explores the intersection of visual art, race, social justice, and democracy. Dr. Lewis's project has led to an exhibition, an award-winning Aperture magazine issue, a popular TED Talk, and a Harvard class that's now part of the core curriculum.Mentions:--Franklin Leonard, who co-hosts The Black List Podcast. More info here:
  • 138. From Intern to CEO: Greg Wasson (Walgreens)

    Greg Wasson jokes that he wanted to be a pharmacist because his two great uncles, both pharmacists, drove big Cadillacs. The Indiana native was, though, seriously inspired to enter the pharmacy school at Purdue. But before he even finished his degree, he started climbing the corporate ladder at Walgreens. New opportunities kept coming his way, and he eventually made it all the way to CEO during a tough time for the company. In this 2020 conversation, Guy explores with Greg the strategies Wasson used to evolve and grow the company into a set of community-focused health destinations.
  • 137. Purpose-Driven Leadership: Capital One's Sanjiv Yajnik

    Sanjiv Yajnik, is someone who embraces risk and adapts to change with remarkable resilience. Sanjiv's career began as a marine engineer, spending over a decade at sea, working for major shipping companies. His dedication and all-in approach to engineering propelled his maritime career. However, Sanjiv took a bold leap, leaving his promising career in India to move to Canada and pursue an MBA. Today, Sanjiv serves as the President of Financial Services at Capital One, renowned for his purpose-driven leadership and agile risk management. How a young man from Calcutta navigated from 13 years at sea to helping steer one of the most influential financial institutions.
  • 136. Never Stop Improving: Lowe’s Marvin Ellison

    Marvin Ellison is one of the few Black CEOs leading a Fortune 500 company. In this episode he shares his remarkable journey from retail security guard to CEO of two major corporations. Known for taking on the toughest jobs that others shied away from, Ellison became the go-to leader for companies like J.C. Penney and now Lowe’s during precarious times. He firmly believes that limiting failure also limits success. Discover the depth of his philosophy and leadership insights in this compelling 2019 conversation.
  • 135. Why Some Never Break Through: Greg McKeown ('Effortless' and 'Essentialism')

    Leadership strategist, business speaker, podcaster, and author Greg McKeown (New York Times bestsellers Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and Effortless: Make It Easier To Do What Matters Most) writes about ideas and strategies that explain, at least in part, why some break through to the next level while others don’t. His philosophy, "Essentialism," is all about recognizing what's truly important--what matters most, then prioritizing it, and cutting out the rest. Greg's ideas apply not just in the workplace but also in personal life, offering a helpful framework for every important decision. If you've got decision fatigue, this 2021 conversation Guy had with Greg is the perfect motivator.
  • 134. Leadership for Innovation: Bill George (Medtronic)

    Initially reluctant to go to Medtronic, his time at that company ultimately became a life changing experience for Bill George. Not only did he usher the company into the Fortune 500 and grow the enterprise value of the company by 60x, he really started to lock in on his growing passion to influence leadership. Then, his career took a turn toward academia and the study and teaching of leadership at Harvard Business School. (In fact, Guy actually took Bill George's class at Harvard in 2008, This conversation took place in 2020). Of the many books Bill George has authored, True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership has become a seminal book in leadership studies. "Instead of exerting power over people," he says "empowerment is the way to go."
  • 133. The Solution to Overthinking: John Acuff of 'Soundtracks'

    Author, podcaster and speaker Jon Acuff, known for his humorous approach to leadership and goal-setting, is the author of seven best-selling books. The son of a Baptist minister, Jon worked as a copywriter throughout his twenties. His blog “Stuff Christians Like” caught the attention of personal finance guru Dave Ramsey (also a guest on Wisdom From the Top) who helped him launch a new career as an author and speaker. His self-help book, Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking, was released in April 2021, around the same time he joined Guy Raz for a conversation that may make you ask yourself if your goals are "fun enough," among other things.
  • 132. Leading From "We," Not "I" -- David Novak (Yum! Brands)

    David Novak has been a driving force behind brands like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, and he co-founded YUM! Brands Inc., one of the biggest players in the quick service restaurant industry. He's written bestsellers including Taking People With You, The Education of an Accidental CEO, and his latest, co-authored with Jason Goldsmith, titled Take Charge of You: How Self Coaching Can Transform Your Life and Career. In this conversation from 2022, Novak shares with Guy how he learned to lead by bringing everybody along with him.