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  • 350. Unveiling the Wisdom of Jim Carrey

    Explore the unexpected source of profound wisdom: Jim Carrey. Renowned for his comedic genius and charismatic performances, Carrey has also become a beacon of inspiration through his insightful reflections on life, authenticity, and the pursuit of happiness.Join us as we delve into Carrey's thought-provoking quotes, interviews, and speeches, uncovering the timeless truths hidden within his words. From embracing the power of intention to transcending societal expectations, Carrey's unconventional wisdom challenges listeners to rethink their perspectives and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

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  • 349. A Spiritual Journey to Healing Your Mind from Trauma | Featuring Gabor Mate, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, and more

    A mosaic of experts will lead you through a spiritual journey to healing from trauma in this episode. These speakers offer invaluable guidance and inspiration for anyone seeking to unburden their mind and reclaim their sense of self.Speakers:Dr. Gabor MateDr. Benjamin HardyEckhart Tolle
  • 348. This Will Shake Up Your Belief System - Peter Panagore’s Near-Death Experience

    Peter Panagore Shares His Astonishing Journey Beyond Death's Door!Prepare to have your beliefs challenged and your mind blown as Peter Panagore takes us on an extraordinary exploration of what lies beyond this earthly existence. In this mind-bending episode, he recounts his awe-inspiring near-death experience and the profound revelations he encountered while traversing the realms of the afterlife. From encountering radiant beings of light to unraveling the secrets of the universe, his incredible story will leave you questioning what you thought you knew about life, death, and the boundless wonders that await us all. Don't miss this mesmerizing glimpse into the extraordinary realm beyond mortality!Music by The End Is The Beginning - Twelve TitansConsider the Beauty - Twelve Titans
  • 347. Beyond the Bank Accounts - The True Price of Materialism (featuring Alan Watts)

    In this contemplative episode, delve deep into the philosophical underpinnings of materialism, exposing the potential pitfalls within the pursuit of wealth.Speakers:Alan WattsFollow the Alan Watts Organization:Speech courtesy of alanwatts.orgInstagram: licensed from https://mindsetdrm.comJohn LennonJim CarreyRussell brandKyle CeaseBob MarleyTupac Shakur
  • 346. Limitless Mindset - Beyond the Barriers of Your Brain

    Breaking Boundaries: Dive into this mind-expanding episode where we explore strategies, insights, and fascinating discoveries that challenge the limits of your brain. Unleash your cognitive potential and embark on a journey to push the boundaries of what your mind can achieve.Speakers:Steven KotlerJoe RoganMarisa Peer
  • 344. What Lies Beyond? - Death and the Afterlife (featuring Alan Watts)

    Contemplating Eternity: this thought-provoking episode delves into the enigma of death and the afterlife. Join us for a profound exploration of existential questions and musings about what lays beyond the veil.Speakers:Dr. Eben AlexanderAlan Watts Follow the Alan Watts Organization:YouTube: courtesy of alanwatts.orgLicensed from https://mindsetdrm.comMellen Thomas BenedictWilliam ShatnerPeter FenwickDr Bruce Greyson
  • 342. The Dopamine Paradox - Social Media is Worse For You Than You Think

    Listen to this eye-opening episode featuring diverse perspectives on the dark side of social media and how you can reverse the damage. Speakers:Dr. Andrew HubermanDr. Anna LembkeTom BilyeuCal NewportEdward Snowden