WIN/WIN: Women in Innovation


WIN/WIN Special | Innovation in Beverages with Driftwell

Season 1

Stephanie Murdoch and Ryan Buesser join Zoia on today's episode, which is in partnership with Driftwell. Designed with evening relaxation in mind, Driftwell is a whole new way to cap off your day. Driftwell is a new enhanced water beverage with magnesium and L-theanine to help you relax and unwind. From founding Driftwell through PepsiCo’s “The Next Big Idea” initiative, to speaking with a nutrition scientist, to live testing the product design on digital platforms, Stephanie and Ryan will walk you through the challenges and opportunities they see in the beverages industry today.

Listen for advice on: 

  • How to bring a product to market
  • How to stay innovative while working within regulatory constraints
  • How to create a dialogue between product and customer

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