WIN/WIN: Women in Innovation

WIN/WIN is an original podcast from Women In Innovation featuring conversations between Zoia Kozakov and women leaders who’ve carved careers in the historically male-dominated innovation space (innovation consultancies, innovation departments in Fortune 500 companies, and the startup ecosystem) — defining their own futures and creating a world where we all win. Each episode presents a one-on-one interview with a compelling innovator, delivering practical advice, strategies, and the stories of what drives them.

Zoia Kozakov

Zoia Kozakov is founder & host of “WIN/WIN” and also the Global Marketing Lead at WIN: Women in Innovation. She is a brand strategist with experience in digital marketing and design strategy and clientele that includes both Fortune 500 companies (Richemont, LVMH, EY, Shiseido) as well as startups in various industries. Prior to working in brand strategy, Zoia served as a Chief of Staff in the Israeli Intelligence Special Operations. Zoia holds a Masters degree from Columbia University, a Masters certificate from Cornell University, and a Bachelors degree from Parsons School of Design.