How We Live Now with Katherine May


Jackee Holder on the good things in life

Season 2, Ep. 12

Welcome to the Wintering Sessions with Katherine May.

This week Katherine chats to Jackee Holder, coach and author of 'Writing With Fabulous Trees', among many more.

Jackee Holder is a writer, walker, coach, interfaith minister and daughter of the windrush. In this uplifting conversation, she talks about the capacity of life to uplift us, her love of libraries, and how a tree helped her to treasure her name.

Hear Jackee expand too on her introvert / extrovert sides, rituals and body prayers, seasons and trees and nature metaphors, having skeletons on full display rather than in the closet, Enid Blyton, 'pouring libation', her superhero mother with hidden sea skills and a huge amount more in what Jackee herself refers to as a 'campfire chat'. A lovely and perfectly fitting finalé to season 2 of The Wintering Sessions!


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