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Aja Barber on getting dressed

Season 3, Ep. 12

Welcome to the Wintering Sessions with Katherine May.

This week, Katherine asks Aja Barber how we can change the way we buy clothes.

Many of us have an uneasy feeling about the clothes we buy and wear. Although we know that there are ethical issues with their production, few of us understand how to change our behaviour, and make better choices. As a stylist and fashion consultant, Aja makes it her business to understand the whole supply chain, from raw materials to disposal. There are some dark stories to absorb, but there’s also plenty of hope: Aja shows that the change starts with us, and with the joy we find in the garments we love.

We also talk about Aja’s path to the work she does now, and her beautiful practice of getting dressed on Instagram. She can teach us so much about about learning to love our own bodies, and to cherish our old clothes.

We talked about: 

  • How we engage with fashion
  • How changing in habits can mean opting out of the system
  • How to take care of your stuff so it lasts




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