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  • 86. Episode 86: “Can your car do this?”

    In this episode, Simon defends Dean from a baying mob and as a reward Dean makes him talk about Elon Musk and his cybertruck. Then, Simon brings the recent Shein exploration to an end by showing Dean another plastic depiction of a creature defecating. Finally, for the first time in 86 episodes, Wikipedia delivers a topic that Dean has studied in depth, so he grasps the opportunity with both hands and talks at length about the monkey from Cannonball Run 2.  Cybertruck -   Doll Toilet Spray Toy Decompression Artifact -   Wikipedia – Universal Psychometrics -  

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  • 85. Episode 85: “Good evening, Lady Aga Khan”

    In this episode, Dean and Simon watch a long-forgotten panel show from the early 90s, assess a porcine garden ornament and read at an interesting article about a book that chronicles the adventures of a regal mouse.   P’s and Q’s -   1 pc Pig Design Garden Ornament -   Wikipedia - The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail -   
  • 84. Episode 84: “Serve an orange Simon”

    In this episode, an overly caffeinated Dean zooms in to tell a ratty Simon about a product to help people safely clean their plants. Then, Simon tells him about the latest breakthrough in chicken safety paraphernalia. They finish off by discussing a type of flower which might be related to a previous guest. Accidental botany/safety episode? Yeah, why not.  Leaf cleaning tongs -   Chicken crash helmets -   Wikipedia - Rubus steelei -  
  • 83. Episode 83: "Fuzzy astro vibes"

    In this episode, Dean learns about the rise and fall of the Deal or No Deal fruit machine, the best machines in Cardiff and how to gamble responsibly and then Simon takes him to a Chinese junk shop to look at a curiously named soft toy. They finish off the episode by arguing about money.  Deal or No Deal Bandit -   Cute and ugly plus doll tilts its head to kill the little duck -   Wikipedia - Portrait of François Buron -  
  • 82. Episode 82: “Moussaka with Edward”

    In this episode, Dean tells Simon about a lost literary classic and a potential revenue stream and then Simon brings out the cheese. They move on to discuss the Dutch version of Big Brother and its many tremendous lawsuits before they take to the streets and bring Air Fryer Month to its conclusion with another bout of ‘Investigative Journalism’.  Photo of Tiramisu Wensleydale -   Wikipedia – Big Brother (Dutch TV Series) -  
  • 81. Episode 81: “The insight to words ratio is off”

    In this episode, Dean gets offered a set of dodgems for free so he tells Simon about it and then Simon shows Dean a Chinese train that goes through a block of flats in China. They finish off the episode by learning about how a quotes are being misattributed to Winston Churchill. Something for everyone there then.  Dodgems for sale -   Chinese train - and   Wikipedia – Churchillian Drift -  
  • 80. Episode 80: “Wire up the toilet”

    In this episode, Dean gives a valuable update on his crisps investigation and then shows Simon a video of a terrifying toilet. In part two, Simon tells Dean about a toilet themed restaurant. It's an accidental toilet special, listener! Also, they have a look at an article about an actor/stuntman.  Spooky toilet upgrade - Toilet themed restaurant -  Wikipedia – Tony Epper -