Who Are You Now?

Survivors of brain injury share stories of hope, loss and acceptance.

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  • 4: Dean

    Dean’s violent youth culminated in a nightclub assault that left him fighting for his life. Nearly twenty years later, he reflects on the challenges and mysteries of living with a brain injury.

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  • 3: Matthew

    A road traffic accident threw Matthew’s academic career off-track when he realised he could no longer understand his work. He recounts how he found his way again with the help of technology, colleagues and family.
  • 2: Brian

    Brian’s story takes us from the East End alleys where he and his siblings played, to the carpentry firm where he worked as a teenager and the accident that changed everything. It is the story of how a chance encounter helped him build a new life.
  • 1: Alpha

    Alpha was on his way back from a job interview with MI6 when he was knocked off his bike and sustained a severe head injury. Luckily, he had his own private plane to get him to hospital... or did he?