Who Pods

'Who Pods' (formerly 'Who Pods The Watchmen') is a pop-culture media discussion podcast. Your hosts Grant Davis (@BaronVonGrant) and Clay LaPoint break down and discuss some of the greatest television, film, comic and books. We offer a fun but critical look at the latest in geek media and are prone to the occasional conversation derailment.

Who pods? We pod!

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Grant Davis

Grant is a podcaster, studio co-founder, and co-host of The Beerist podcast, Star Trek Discovery Pod, and The TV Dudes. He resides in Austin, TX, with his wife, kids, and a beloved fridge full of beer.

Mike Moody

Mike is podcaster and podcast producer in Austin, TX. He produces Oysters, Clams & Cockles, Canceled with Chris Cubas, and The Ross Bolen Podcast. Mike also produces and co-hosts the podcasts Star Trek Discovery Pod and Mr. Robot, Oh!

Clay LaPoint

Clay is a lawyer and writer living in Austin, TX along with his dog, cat, bunny and 5 chickens. He shuns all social media.