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Low-Code and the Case of the Customer Cruncher

Most established organizations are very protective of their legacy systems even when they are clearly inefficient. That’s because their employees’ vast knowledge on how to operate those systems is a big asset to them. 

They view investing in new systems as possible opportunities that are beyond their risk tolerance. Low-code systems are perfect for such organizations because the transition is fast and many features can easily be customized to meet their needs. It also provides them with an opportunity to remain competitive by increasing their efficiency.

In this fourth of six episodes investigating low-code myths, the host Michael Boland is joined by two guests: Charles Araujo –  Principal Analyst at the digital transformation analyst firm, Intellyx – and a low-code curios Ginni Saraswati.

Today, you’ll learn how low-code can be used by organizations to profitably gain insight from data that is already available to them. You’ll also hear why established organizations are reluctant to adopt new technology. Additionally, you’ll learn about the benefits leaped by companies that adopt low-code platforms.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why organizations view a limited budget as an obstacle to adopting low-code platforms (03:05)
  • Understand the term ‘experiential demand’ (04:43)
  • How low-code can help in creating unique customer experiences (06:17)
  • The benefits of low-code to an organization (08:50)

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