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Season 7, Ep. 2

This week we’re off to Quebec with food and travel writer Pamela MacNaughton. Together we explore the vibrant culture, sights and flavours of Canada’s largest province, often fondly referred to as “the Europe of North America.”

Tune in for hot chocolate snobbery, postcard perfect views in Quebec City, mural art in Montreal and ice canoeing across the Saint Lawrence River. Of course, we couldn’t forget to mention Canada’s national dish in the place it originated – it goes without saying poutine is on the menu.

Pamela's restaurant recommendations:

Aux Anciens Canadiens (traditional québécois cuisine) 

Buffet de l'Antiquaire (diner with breakfast poutine)

Chez Gaston (traditional poutine)

Restaurant Sagamité (Indigenous cuisine)

La Korrigaine Brasserie Artisanale (woman-owned microbrewery)

Le Fin Gourmet (gourmet, mother/daughter owned and operated)

Tannière3 (unforgettable fine dining)

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    In anticipation of the upcoming Euros, we’re off to Munich and Bavaria with travel and culture writer Rachel Preece. In Munich we explore everything from historic art and architecture to the upstart creative businesses that are rethinking the city’s traditional image. Further afield, Rachel regales us with the region’s charms – think lofty mountains, beautiful lakes and fairytale palaces.Tune in for the inside scoop on Oktoberfest, Munich’s beloved standing wave and plenty of beer recommendations. Prost!Rachel recommends:Obermühle (in Garmisch-Partenkirchen): Kranzbach (close to Garmisch-Partenkirchen): gorge: Flushing Meadows (rooftop bar): (brewery):'s (brewery): der Kunst (art gallery):ärter Thiel (cultural hub): (cultural hub): Plautz (potato stall with lunchtime dishes):
  • 4.5. BONUS Episode: Reasons to travel the world with Kacie Rose

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  • 4. Glasgow

    This week we’re off to Glasgow with travel writer and whisky expert Sarah JC Gillespie. Home to exciting independent businesses, lively nightlife and an unparalleled music scene, Glasgow packs a cultural punch.Tune in for a Victorian cemetery beloved by Hollywood filmmakers, drool-worthy doughnuts that are building a reputation and unmissable whisky distilleries for those who want to taste their tipples right at the source.
  • 3. Stockholm

    This week we're off to Stockholm, famous for its clean living, sleek design, crisp winters and long summer nights. Our guest Malcolm Jack shares the best late-night bites, the locals' favourite swimming spots and the story of an ill-fated warship extraordinarily well preserved by the Baltic waters into which it sank. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Stockholm episode without mention of saunas and ABBA!
  • 1. The Deep South

    Where to Go is back for season 7! Starting off in style, we're headed to the Deep South with special guest Lynn Brown.Home to world-famous festivals, evocative landscapes, an unmatched musical legacy and a complex history, this week's region gives us plenty to talk about.  Tune in for unmissable jazz in New Orleans, the little-known white sand beaches in Alabama and the surprising connection between food and the civil rights movement.Lynn's hole-in-the-wall spot is Betty’s Place:
  • Season 7 Trailer

    Where to Go returns on 29 February for more travel adventures! We'll be bringing you new destinations every fortnight, with our first trip taking us to the American Deep South alongside writer and professor Lynn Brown. Make sure to like and subscribe and we'll see you very soon!
  • 10. Ireland

    This week we’re off to the Emerald Isle with travel writer and returning guest Nicola Brady. From breathtaking lakeside hikes and dramatic coastal drives to haunting Traid sessions and life-changing lobster, Nicola takes us through some of the best things to do when you visit. Tune in for night kayaking amidst bioluminescence, hostile local Dusty the Dolphin and an update on the Viking buried under Lidl…