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Where to Go

Mexico City

Season 7, Ep. 7

This week we’re off to Mexico City, one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Travel writer Cristina Alonso takes us on a whirlwind tour of this exciting megalopolis, from its vibrant museums and teeming markets to its iconic cantinas and historic neighbourhoods.

Tune in for mezcal martinis, artisanal crafts and views worth beating the sunrise for.

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  • 11. Alaska

    This week we’re off to Alaska with travel writer Lisa Maloney. It goes without saying we discuss the state’s epic landscapes, dreamy viewpoints and unforgettable hikes. But there are a few surprises too – tune in for walks with regal reindeer, snorkelling adventures and some unexpected insights into the research and development behind bear-proof bins.
  • 10. Valencia

    This week we’re off to Valencia with travel writer Lucy Lovell. Sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the fertile fields of La Huerta, Spain’s third-largest city is sublimely located. Lucy takes us on a tour of outstanding markets, hidden galleries and farm-to-table restaurants.Tune in for a madcap festival of pyrotechnics, a convent selling truffles and a traditional “brunch” that puts all others to shame.Vote for Where to Go for the BPA's Listeners' Choice Award:
  • 9. Madeira

    This week we’re off to the far-flung Portuguese archipelago of Madeira with travel writer Joana Taborda. We discover that ‘the island of eternal spring’ has plenty to keep outdoor enthusiasts occupied, including hiking, swimming, surfing and SUP yoga. Tune in for barbecues in the mountains, camping under the stars and a high-stakes fireworks competition.
  • 8. The Caribbean

    There are a thousand reasons to visit the diverse islands of the Caribbean and our guest, self-described “Carivangelist" Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, does an admirable job of packing them into today’s episode. Tune in for Barbuda's sensational pink sand beaches, hiking St Lucia's volcanic Pitons and a burger patty rivalry that's been dividing Jamaica for decades...
  • 6. Hong Kong

    This week we’re off to Hong Kong with lifestyle and travel writer Kee Foong. Together we explore the diverse landscapes, historic neighbourhoods, cutting-edge art and delicious food in one of Asia’s most exciting destinations.Tune in for Michelin star dim sum, jaw dropping hikes and a serene monastery nestled in the mountains.Kee recommends:Bar leone point hall dim sum Seasons restaurant HoWan
  • 5. Munich and Bavaria

    In anticipation of the upcoming Euros, we’re off to Munich and Bavaria with travel and culture writer Rachel Preece. In Munich we explore everything from historic art and architecture to the upstart creative businesses that are rethinking the city’s traditional image. Further afield, Rachel regales us with the region’s charms – think lofty mountains, beautiful lakes and fairytale palaces.Tune in for the inside scoop on Oktoberfest, Munich’s beloved standing wave and plenty of beer recommendations. Prost!Rachel recommends:Obermühle (in Garmisch-Partenkirchen): Kranzbach (close to Garmisch-Partenkirchen): gorge: Flushing Meadows (rooftop bar): (brewery):'s (brewery): der Kunst (art gallery):ärter Thiel (cultural hub): (cultural hub): Plautz (potato stall with lunchtime dishes):
  • 4.5. BONUS Episode: Reasons to travel the world with Kacie Rose

    This week we've got a very special bonus episode with social media sensation Kacie Rose, whose funny and refreshingly honest account of the highs and lows of living abroad has earned her a following of over 1.5 million people.In conversation with Lucy Richards, Kacie talks all about the joys of solo travel, dealing with homesickness, embracing failure and the importance of doing the sh*t that scares you.Plus, tune in for a behind the scenes look into the making of Kacie's brand new book, You Deserve Good Gelato. Pre order You Deserve Good Gelato:
  • 4. Glasgow

    This week we’re off to Glasgow with travel writer and whisky expert Sarah JC Gillespie. Home to exciting independent businesses, lively nightlife and an unparalleled music scene, Glasgow packs a cultural punch.Tune in for a Victorian cemetery beloved by Hollywood filmmakers, drool-worthy doughnuts that are building a reputation and unmissable whisky distilleries for those who want to taste their tipples right at the source.