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Writing and music from David Harley

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  • 4. Tears of Morning

    Introduction to and extracts from an album with songs, tunes, and settings mostly associated with Shropshire. The album can be heard in full at

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  • 3. A Solstice Garland

    Four songs and some verse.* 'The Holly' (traditional) sung by Atlantic Union.  My review of Atlantic Union's CD "Indulgence" is here.* 'The Fatal Glass of Beer' by Charlie Case, d. 1916.* 'On Bredon Hill' by A.E. Housman (d. 1936), set to music by David Harley.* 'Carpentry' by David Harley.* The poems 'Warm-up', 'Charade', 'Performance Poem' and 'Twelfth Night' can be found with other shaggy doggerel here. * I Heard a Bird Sing' is by Oliver Herford (1860-1935). My review for of the Solstice album by Hanz Araki and Kathryn Claire is here. 
  • 2. Thomas Anderson

    The connections between a medieval guild, a park in Shrewsbury, and a belated casualty of the Jacobite Rebellion. And how Ron Nurse's article for a folk club magazine inspired a song. There's more background information at
  • 1. Indulgence

    Review of a CD by the Canadian folk(-ish) band Atlantic Union.