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Cannabis Legalisation

As more countries and jurisdictions are relaxing their laws around cannabis, Rob, Elle and Lindsey find out What’s the Crack? Although Rob technically doesn’t, because he's been temporarily replaced with Dr Amir Englund of the National Addiction Centre, King’s College London! So, what are the choices in cannabis legislation, is it just prohibition or legalisation? Could some types of cannabis actually reduce psychosis? Will legalisation effect potency? And if cannabis is legalised, will everyone start using it? (Find Amir on twitter @AmirEnglund) Our pitch for a "Roadmap to Cannabis Regulation":

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  • Substance Use in Older Adults

    Hello everyone! This week Elle is joined with Chris Perlman and Eunice Indome, a Professor and a Masters Student from the University of Waterloo in Canada. Together they find out What’s the Crack with substance use among older adults!So, who classifies as an older adult? What substances are being used by this population? Why is it called an ‘invisible epidemic? Why is this population so important to research? And is alcohol treatment tailored to age? Find out more about Chris and Eunice’s work: hereENJOY!@WhatTheCrackPod/whatsthecrackpodcast@gmail.comJust as a little warning, there’s some slight background noise that reduces the audio quality - but its totally worth sticking with it, I found the topic really interesting and I hope you enjoy the episode!
  • DanceSafe (with Mitchell Gomez)

    Hi everyone! This week Elle is joined with Mitchell Gomez, the Executive Director of DanceSafe. Together they find out what’s the crack with DanceSafe and their onsite reagent drug testing in the US nightlife community!So, who are DanceSafe and what do they do? Why are people pressing super strong MDMA pills? Why are people buying fentanyl strips in the US? And if drugs are used in maximum security prisons, why do governments think that drugs can be kept out of nightclubs?Find out more about DanceSafe: dancesafe.orgFollow them on twitter @DanceSafeENJOY!@Whatthecrackpod/
  • The Loop (with Henry Fisher)

    Hi everyone! This week Elle is joined with Henry Fisher, partner of Hanway Associates and the senior chemist of the Loop. Together they find out what’s the crack with the Loop and their successful drug testing in festivals throughout the UK!So, who are the Loop? what is drug testing at festivals? How is it legal? Does the Loop have UK government backing? And why does someone keep selling anti-malaria tablets?Find out more about the Loop: click hereIf after listening, you think that the Loop is a worthy cause – please head to their website and check out their campaign!Find out more about Hanway Associates: click hereFollow Henry on twitter: @_Hydrofluoric ENJOY!
  • UK Drug Policy (with Steve Rolles)

    Hi everyone! This week Elle is joined with Steve Rolles, the Senior Policy Analyst from Transform Drug Policy Foundation. Together they find out What’s the Crack with Transform and their successful work with drug policy in the UK over the past few decades, what country has ‘better’ drug polices, and why medical and non-medical cannabis lobbying should be kept separate.So, why is the War on Drugs so resilient? Why should we change the name of ‘decriminalisation’? and when comparing the States, Uruguay and Canada, which country has the better cannabis policy?Find out more about Transform Drug Policy Foundation: click hereFollow Steve on twitter: @SteveTransformENJOY!
  • Ayahuasca (with Rev. Danny Nemu)

    Hi everyone! This week Elle is joined with Reverend Danny Nemu, a hypnotherapist, and author of Neuro-Apocalypse. Together they talk about Danny’s new book and find out what’s the crack with psychedelics and their link to cognition and language, ayahuasca, the legality of psychedelics and the friction with science.So, do science and psychedelics mix? Is ayahuasca a drug? Are those who use psychedelics more liberal?To note: If you are thinking about doing ayahuasca, it is important that you trust the person that you are doing it with. Talk to people beforehand and ensure that they are interested in YOU. Stay safe and enjoy.Find out about Danny’s book: click hereFind out more about Danny: click hereENJOY
  • Psychedelics with the CSSDP

    Hi everyone! This week Elle is joined with Will Bastedo, the Director/Co-director of the Toronto Chapter of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, CSSDP. Together they go deep into psychedelics and find out What’s the Crack with the research around psychedelics and mental health, promising new leads of psychedelics and epilepsy, and what’s the crack with microdosing?So, who are the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy? Are psychedelics a new lead for epilepsy? What is microdosing and who started it?To note: when we discuss 5HT2c or 5HT2a receptors, these are Serotonin receptors.Find out about the CSSDP: click hereENJOY!
  • Drug Policy in Ireland (with Tony Duffin)

    Hi everyone! This week Elle is joined with Tony Duffin, the CEO of the Ana Liffey Drug Project. Together they find out What’s the Crack with Ana Liffey’s successful lobby of supervised injection facilities in Ireland and their plans to work towards decriminalisation of drugs in Ireland.So, what are supervised injection facilities? Why does Ireland need them? What was the backlash against supervised injection facilities? And why decriminalisation and not legalisation?Find out about Ana Liffey Drug Project: click hereFind out about Ana Liffey’s new campaign #SaferFromHarmENJOY! 
  • Drugs, Women, and the Media (with Jenny Valentish)

    Hi everyone! This week Elle is joined with Jenny Valentish, the author of Woman of Substances! Together they find out What’s the Crack with her new book, the media’s representation of women and drugs, the language used by the media, and more!So, what was Jenny’s experience with the media? Why does the media love a rock bottom to redemption story? Why do menstrual cycles leave women out of research? And why does the media love the word “addict”?Check out Jenny’s book on Amazon: click hereFind out more about Alcohol and Other Drugs Media Watch: Click hereFollow Jenny on twitter: @JennyValentishENJOY!P.s. for our US listeners, the book will be release in the US in September!
  • Psychedelics: Getting Higher (with Julian Vayne)

    Eyup listeners! Have you been waiting for an episode on psychedelics? Don’t worry, it’s here! This week Elle is joined with Julian Vayne, the author of “Getting Higher: A Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony”. Together they find out What’s the Crack with Julian’s amazing book, the psychedelics renaissance, the difference between synthetic and natural psychedelics, sex and psychedelics and more!So, what are psychedelics? Are they the key to a world free from war? Are synthetic psychedelics superior to natural? Can psychedelics help with addiction? And what's Nixon got to do with it?Check out Julian’s book here: more about Julian's work here:!P.s. slowly slowly getting better at Skype...