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Episode 8 - Talita de Souza Dias

Season 1, Ep. 8

In this episode Danni is talking with Dr. Talita de Souza Dias about her decision to leave a secure position as government employee in Brazil and move to Oxford together with her spouse to follow her passion and her dream to do a master degree in Oxford. A journey that became a love story between her and Oxford - the city and the university. Talita shares about her struggles to secure financial support as a foreign student in the UK, her experience as law clerk at the International Criminal Court, as well as about her inability to hold a tune. During this long-distance recording, Danni drank Amaretto and Talita drank tea.

Talita de Souza Dias is a postdoc research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict, Lecturer in Criminal Law & Junior research fellow at St Catherine's College, Oxford, and a Seminar Leader in Law and Public Policy at Blavatnik School of Government.

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