What are YOU going to do with THAT?


Episode 24 - Joanne McCuaig

Season 2, Ep. 4

As a Canadian married to a South Korean, who moved to Seoul, and is doing her part-time PhD in English language and applied linguistics via distance in the UK, Joanne is probably the most global guest we have ever had on the show. Listen to her story about making such life changing transitions, about changing her PhD topic because of North Korea tyrant's decision, and being a foreigner in South Korea.

In this log distance episode Joanne drank hot lemon water and Danni drank coffee (due to the time differences between Israel and South Korea).

Joanne's PhD title: "Tracking Moral Shifts in American Culture, from Dignity to Victimhood; A Corpus Linguistic Investigation"

Host: Danni Reches (@DanniReches)

Producer and Editor: Ido Rosenzweig (@IdoRosenzweig)

Joanne on twitter: @JoanneMcCuaig3

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