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Episode 13 - Emre Turkut

Season 1, Ep. 13

In this episode Danni chats with Emre Turkut. Emre is a PhD candidate at Ghent University in Belgium. Emre started his academic career in Turkey but had to leave to Belgium in order to enjoy academic freedom and to write about the human rights derogation and counter-terrorism measures in Turkey. Emre talks about his travels as a visitor researcher to Sweden and Germany, his passion for good food and football, and his interest in Kafka and Orwell. In this episode Danni drank Amaretto and Emre drank traditional Turkish tea.

Emre Turkut (LL.M.) is a doctoral researcher at Ghent University, Belgium. Under the supervision of Prof. dr. Tom Ruys, his research concerns the compatibility of the Turkish derogation measures adopted in the aftermath of the 15 July 2016 attempted military coup with international human rights law, and with international law more generally, and uses the Turkish case as a springboard to critically address the fallacies of the contemporary derogation regime. He holds a bachelor degree in Law from Ankara University, Turkey. In July 2015, he obtained his LLM degree in Public International Law from the University of Kent, UK. His LLM thesis examines the remedial secession doctrine under international law in light of Kosovo and Quebec cases.

Enjoy the episode.

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