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Episode 19 - David Mendes

Season 1, Ep. 19

In this special collaboration episode, Danni chats with Dr. David Mendes, the host of the PapaPhd podcast. David talks about his journey from Portugal to Canada in order to get his PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Coimbra while doing it at McGill University, and his decision to leave academia for a position in medical communication and the linguistic services industry. David talks about the idea behind his PapaPhD podcast, and his passion for martial arts. In this cross-Atlantic episode Danni drank Amaretto and David drank his morning coffee.

This is Part I of a special double episode. In Part II, David interviews Danni for a PapaPhD episode. If you want to learn more about Danni and her own journey in academia, please tune in to the "twin episode" on PapaPhD at Https://papaphd.com/69

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