What are YOU going to do with THAT?


Episode 22 - Brianna A. Baker

Season 2, Ep. 2

In this episode Danni chats with Brianna Baker, a doctoral student in counseling psychology from Columbia University in NY. Brianna opens up about her bumpy journey which included getting rejected from every PhD program she had applied to only to finally getting accepted a year later to her dream program in Columbia. Brianna also talks about being a social media influencer with her initiative "Black in Mental Health" (#BlackInMH), and her YouTube channel and blog titled "Becoming Dr. Baker". In this episode Brianna drank Cuban coffee and Danni drank Amaretto.

Host: Danni Reches (@DanniReches)

Producer and Editor: Ido Rosenzweig (@IdoRosenzweig)

Our guest details:

Brianna's YouTube channel: BecomingDrBaker

Brianna on twitter: @BriannaABaker

Brianna on Instagram: @the_brianna

Brianna on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/briannaabaker

Black in Mental Health on Twitter: @BlackinMH

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Enjoy the episode!

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