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Episode 34 - Baseball and Transnational Migration (Amir Segal)

Season 2, Ep. 14

Transnational migration refers to the situation of migrants that are still connected to their country of origin. Amir Segal's research looks into that phenomenon through a specific case study of North-American (mainly Canada and the US) Jews who migrate to Israel. Amir explores that through three aspects: (1) Fund raising; (2) Diplomacy; and (3) Baseball. To this end, Amir, who knew nothing about baseball learned how North-American migrants not only imported that sport to Israel, but have led it of holding a national team that will play in the Tokyo Olympic Games in the summer of 2021.

Amir also talks about his struggles to find a supervisor to do his PhD, his love for writing poems, and his brand new clothes that he bought to celebrate the end of Covid-19 lockdowns in Israel. During the episode Amir drank Turkish coffee and Danni drank her Amaretto.

Host: Danni Reches (@DanniReches)

Producer and Editor: Ido Rosenzweig (@IdoRosenzweig)

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Enjoy the episode!

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