What Could Go Wrong.

Join us, two Paris Hilton enthusiasts / Australian icons and our long suffering producer on a self-absorbed road to life improvement, spiritual wellbeing and attention seeking. It’s time to navigate the new world (although be aware we have no idea where we are going)

“What Could Go Wrong” is an adventure for the modern day ‘Yes Wom*n’ that each week tackles the age old question “What if we just said yes to anything?”.

Bare witness to adventures such as; becoming attracted to a Tree Frog Medicine practitioner, traditional Javanese Vaginal Fogging, being locked out of a car by an abusive bird watcher, trialling motherhood, unveiling the actual Banksy*, Becoming the Sultan and Sultana of Brunei, Baptisms, Exorcisms, Pie Eating competitions, Axe Throwing etc etc.

Despite there being no man to politely open the door for us, we still manage to get inside of Dungeon Beach Studios each week to simultaneously bring you fresh content whilst crushing the patriarchy with our bare fists. Luckily we drink so much during recording we don’t need to pay for public transport home because ambulances are free.

So click on the subscribe button as fast as our producer Mouth used to click delete on ‘girls kissing’ from her internet browser when she was 12. I mean really, What Could Go Wrong??