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S1 Band of Brothers Ep 2 Day of Days

Season 1, Ep. 2

This week, Paul and Hannah tuck into episode two, and chat about D-Day and how those effects look 20 years later. There's more from historian James Holland on whether historical accuracy is necessary in war drama and Hannah chats to actor Matthew Leitch, aka Floyd Talbert, about fandom, cast reunions and a whole lot more.

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  • S1 Band of Brothers Episode 8 The Last Patrol

    We're back - after a short break - to chat about Episode 8, The Last Patrol. Paul reckons it's his favourite episode so far, and he and Hannah chat nepotism, revenge, insubordination, Webster's lovely clean hair and why Dexter Fletcher might be the king of the Paddington hard stare.
  • S1 Band of Brothers Episode 7 The Breaking Point

    This time, Hannah and Paul watch episode 7, The Breaking Point, and we're talking decision-making, disaster and Donnie Wahlberg. Hannah's got some big claims about the best hour of TV HBO's ever made, so we ponder the other candidates. Plus there's contributions from the ever-reliable James Holland and Matthew Leitch.
  • S1 Band of Brothers Episode 6 Bastogne

    We're back with episode six, just in time for the WORST CHRISTMAS EVER. We talk medics, mistakes and magical snowscapes as things start to look brass monkeys for Easy Company. Plus, we chat to James Holland about camaraderie and his new book Brothers In Arms and - check out the history on us - Martin King tells us about the nurse Augusta Chiwy.
  • S1 Band of Brothers Episode 5 Crossroads

    This week, Hannah and Paul chat about Dick Winters, officers and episode five, Crossroads. Plus Hannah's talking women's history again, learning a whole lot about Marlene Dietrich from actor Peter Groom.
  • S1 Band of Brothers Ep 4 Replacements

    This week, Hannah and Paul tuck into episode four, Replacements, and talk about fresh meat, retreat and mob retribution against women. And, maybe surprisingly, Abba. Plus, James Holland is on hand to tell us what went so wrong with Operation Market Garden.
  • 3: S1 Band of Brothers Ep 3 Carentan

    This week, we're watching episode three of Band of Brothers, Carentan. We'll be talking about Blithe's fear, Speirs' speech and what Band of Brothers teaches us about men and manhood. Plus Hannah's been on the phone to Matthew Brown from American Battlefields and Monuments Commission about how thousands of American servicemen came to be buried in Cambridge, England.
  • 1. S1 Band of Brothers Ep 1 Currahee

    Band of Brothers might be one of TV's most beloved series, but Paul's never bothered to watch it. Before now. Hannah, on the other hand, is a huge fan. In this first episode they chat about big budget TV, whether Paul can identify a single character under those helmets, and whether Sobel's overbearing style might turn out to be good thing. They're also catching up with actor Ben Caplan to find out about the horrors of boot camp, and historian, author and WW2 expert James Holland about how BoB stacks up against other war dramas.