The Wharton Moneyball Post Game Podcast


Wharton Moneyball: MLB Hall of Fame, Sports Tech & Analytics, and The 2019 Super Bowl

Ep. 134

Show from 1/23/19

This week on Wharton Moneyball, we have our whole team, Cade, Shane, Adi, and Eric talking about the MLB Hall of Fame. What will be the outcome for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens? Then they switch to the NFL to talk pass vs runs stats, scoring, and play calling logic with the co-founder of Edj Analytics. Plus they get into wearable tech and innovation in the space of motion tracking data. All that and more


Frank Frigo - Co-Founder of Edj Analytics. Edj Analytics. He has consulted with several NFL and NCAA Division 1 football programs and his work in sports analytics has been prominently featured in Esquire, Foxsports, ESPN, The New York Times and Showtime’s “Inside the NFL"

Follow him on Twitter @edjanalytics

Steve Gera - CEO at Gains Group, where he works to leverage data for long term value. He is also the former Head of Innovation at the Cleveland Browns and was brought in by the Chargers to “do Moneyball” in the mid-2000s. 

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