The Wharton Moneyball Post Game Podcast


Wharton Moneyball: CFB National Championship, NFL Playoffs, & Historic Quarterbacks

Ep. 132

Show from 1/9/19

In this episode of Wharton Moneyball hosts Cade Massey, Adi Wyner, and Eric Bradlow get into the college football playoff national championship and predictive analytics. Then, we all want to know which NFL teams are on their way to the Super Bowl. Our hosts talk home field advantage and other useful measures to decide who will come out of the playoffs victorious. Plus Josh Hermsmeyer, writer for FiveThirtyEight and the founder of, joins the show to add to our football analytics conversation. All that and more on this weeks show! Tune in


Josh Hermsmeyer - A writer for FiveThirtyEight and the Founder of where he works on all things football analytics.

Follow him on Twitter at @FriscoJosh