The Wharton Moneyball Post Game Podcast


Wharton Moneyball: MLB 2018 Season, US Open, & NFL Projections

Ep. 112

8/22/18 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts kick off the show talking MLB and Premiere League soccer. Then they bring on the founder of Tennis to talk about the US Open. Plus senior analyst at Pro Football Focus comes on to discuss NFL projections. All that and more!


Jeff Sackmann is a tennis analyst and the Founder of Tennis where he uses numbers and stats to analyze tennis. You can read all of Jeff’s work on Twitter at @TennisAbstract or online at

Mike Renner is a Senior Analyst at Pro Football Focus where he has worked for six years, Mike’s role includes evaluating performance of NFL and FBS players as well as project future performance.