The Wharton Moneyball Post Game Podcast


4/4/18 Wharton Moneyball

In this episode of Wharton Moneyball hosts Cade Massey, Shane Jensen, Adi Wyner, and Eric Bradlow take on the headlines and talk NFL draft and NBA finals. Then our hosts look at hitting analytics in baseball with the author of Baseball Prospectus. They also get an analytical sneak peak at the Masters Tournament with the head of golf intelligence at 15th Club. All that and more, check it out! Guests: Rob Mains - Author of Baseball Prospectus, where his "Flu-Like Symptoms" column appears twice a week. Prior to joining Baseball Prospectus in March 2016, Rob's work was featured in Banished to the Pen and FanGraphs Community. Jake Nichols - Jake is the Head of Golf Intelligence at 15th Club - the leader in professional golf analytics. He helps our clients - ranging from Ryder Cup Europe to top 50 in the world professionals to major media organizations - apply context to their data to make smarter decisions and to achieve a competitive edge.