The Wharton Moneyball Post Game Podcast


5/23/18 Wharton Moneyball

In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts start off the show running through the headlines from NBA playoffs to MLB pitching. Then they bring on tennis strategy expert Craig O’Shannessy to talk analytics and the French Open. Plus Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated comes on to talk about the Hall of Fame and MLB. Finally they wrap up the show with Triple Crown, NHL Playoffs, Over/Unders. Check it out! Guests: Craig O’Shannessy is widely recognized as the world leader in teaching and analyzing tennis strategy. Craig specializes in this specific area of the sport, creating his online Brain Game Tennis business to teach players, coaches and fans the patterns of play, and winning percentages that dominate our sport. Follow him on Twitter @BrainGameTennis Jay Jaffe is a Senior Writer at FanGraphs and is formerly of Sports Illustrated. He is also the Creator of JAWS & author of The Cooperstown Casebook. Follow him on Twitter @jay_jaffe