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Fertility Care For Your Employees

Fertility care is expensive—and the experience itself is far from wonderful. Enter Carrot, which works with employers of any size to offer egg freezing and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as a workplace benefit.

Fertility is having a transformative moment. Tammy says, “Infertility and fertility are fast becoming no longer taboo topics to talk about—so much so that people will ask their employer for it. And that was not the case 18 months ago.”

Cost is the biggest barrier to fertility care, but Carrot isn’t just a financial vehicle. Tammy explains, “Carrot is a platform that helps make the experience better. So you can chat any time—text or video or voice—with fertility experts. And these are nurses and doctors, to help you really navigate your decision-making.” Carrot just raised $3.6 million in seed funding, and Karl has a takeaway for the smart VC out there: “If women and opportunities related to women are systematically being under-invested in by others, hey, that's all the better for those who get it.” Listen to the Tammy and Karl’s full conversation for more entrepreneurial insights.

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